Pendidikan Jarak Jauh UiTM

Electronic distance education program (e-PJJ) is an innovative approach in terms of learning and teaching in UiTM. Through e-PJJ, you as a student would determine the time, place and teaching mode that are suitable with your needs and lifestyle.

The e-PJJ program offers various facilities and services to serve you to achieve your ambition and dreams. Apart from that, you would gain skills in the use of IT in your daily activities. This innovative program is a combination of variety learning methods which consists of study materials, additional reference materials, lecturer support, forum interaction and discussion between students as well as face-to-face seminars.

The e-PJJ learning method uses effective learning educational technology and one of the best and most appropriate ways of promoting effective learning.The objective of this centre is to offer programmes through distance education to upgrade the knowledge and enhance the career development of Bumiputeras. It is also to help develop human capital as to achieve higher productivity and hence contribute to national development.